House Demolition in Sydney

In many cases, homeowners will attempt to remove or replace parts of their structure they believe they have identified as containing asbestos. This is not only expensive, but removal can vary from knocking down walls and scraping out insulation, to removing flashing and shingles, to pulling up floor tiles and cleaning between joists. It is a costly and dangerous process to undertake. At Asbestos Plus, we not only have the know-how to tackle a large, difficult project with efficiency and proficiency, but we know how to do it in a manner that is safe to you and your structure. In fact, most governing bodies recommend having a professional handle your asbestos identification and removal, including house demolition, whether totally removing a building or preparing for a renovation or addition. We give your project the utmost care, with the least amount of cost to you, at maximum efficiency.

Even with trained house demolition or construction specialists, removing asbestos can be dangerous if not undertaken properly. Many individuals or crews will tear down indiscriminately, and without the proper breathing apparatuses and safety equipment. This can lead to serious injury and prolonged exposure for the worker or workers in a highly concentrated environment. There is also the potential that some contaminated materials will not be properly identified or removed, actually increasing the risk of exposure after stirring up asbestos particles into the air. We take all the necessary precautions in ensuring the safety of our staff with full protective gear, and tools specifically chosen for their ability to aid in clearing your structure in the Sydney area.

Disposal is also a concern, since the main danger of asbestos is the particles that it gives off into the air. It isn’t something that can just be dumped into the closest open container and left over night. When you choose Asbestos Plus for your house demolition or asbestos removal, we also remove the affected waste from your property as part of our fee. We aim to be a one-stop shop of sorts in asbestos removal: whether you need a small scale renovation and worry about your insulation, or a business scale expansion on an existing structure, we hope we’ll be your choice not in just identifying, but in safely removing and disposing of your affected materials.

Additionally, we can identify that the removal was a success with samples taken from the site of the demolition afterward. These samples will be tested chemically for their composition, so we can guarantee that when you choose to have Asbestos+ do your house demolition, we get the job done one hundred percent, without you having to worry about what may have been left behind. It’s a guarantee you just won’t get with a non-specialized demolition company, and we take pride in it being our gift to you.