Asbestos Disposal - At Asbestos Plus we encourage our technicians to have a questioning attitude, and we hope our clients will commit to the same. Our business isn’t about fooling or confusing you. It’s about opening up a line of communication through which we can safely and effectively begin and end a project—all the time working with your input and concerns. Through this exchange we continue to illustrate our total commitment to your health and safety, but also your peace of mind by showing you how asbstos identification is managed. At Asbestos Plus we do things right “first time – every time.” And as the statistics show, you don’t get second chances identifying asbestos. We understand this, and refuse to leave your well being at stake for the sake of cutting corners with your asbestos disposal project. We clearly outline out Asbestos Removal Cost to you.

We at Asbestos Plus feel it is imperative to continue to improve. It is vital for us to stay on the cutting edge of removal and testing technology, while at the same time maintaining the tried and tested methodology that has made us what we are today. We are always looking for newer, safer, more time effective strategies to add to our arsenal. In our eyes, any improvement we can make is an important improvement. “If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

That’s why at Asbestos Plus we constantly monitor advances in technology and, where applicable, refine our processes for both asbestos identification, as well as disposal. We complete pre and post job debriefs incorporating operational experience, and this experience is passed on and distributed among our increasingly skilled workers. Proposals are presented outlining what is involved in Asbestos Removal Cost. We continually converse with our clients through all stages of the asbestos removal process, and we welcome them to, in turn, continually provide feedback on any and all work-related matters. You liked to be filled in about your asbestos identification, testing or asbestos disposal project, and we like to keep you that way.

Asbestos Plus Services

The following is an ever growing list of some of our services:

Removal of asbestos roofing, wall sheeting, fences including asbestos vinyl’s and floor tiles

Removal of asbestos mastic and construction fillers

Site de-contamination, cleaning and asbestos removal costs clearly outlined

Complete or partial demolition of buildings

Asbestos identification, surveying and compilation of asbestos management plans and registers

Asbestos Testing and Analysis

Repairs to damaged Asbestos roofs and walls

Sealing and encapsulation of asbestos roofs and asbestos lined walls

Advice on weather damaged asbestos materials