Asbestos TestingThe more you know about the asbestos present in your home or office, the better chance you have of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from respiratory problems. With an asbestos inspection from Asbestos Plus, you can have peace of mind that the structure is safe or will be safe after our crew removes the dangerous materials. We take pride in finding and removing all of the dangerous materials, leaving only secured asbestos behind, or none at all.

Our talented staff knows just how to perform a professional level asbestos inspection in any kind of building. We have the tools and the knowledge necessary to detect any harmful materials that can become airborne and cause negative health effects for those within the building. Between our top of the line tools and expertly trained technicians, we assure you that no dangerous asbestos will go unnoticed.

Some asbestos can be safe to leave behind in a structure. However, some areas of asbestos will deteriorate over time and will become dangerous for those who live or work nearby. Only a professional asbestos inspection can discover this material and its risk, and only a team of experts like Asbestos Plus can safely remove it for you.

Whether you are selling your home, buying a new building, or just want to be absolutely sure that you will be safe and healthy, the experts at Asbestos Plus are here to serve you. We offer high quality asbestos inspections and removals, and guarantee your satisfaction. Don’t live another day in fear for your health when Asbestos Plus can restore your building or home to its former quality with the greatest of ease.